Elder Prydonian Guild Rules
Welcome! Joining the Elder Prydonians is fairly simple and quick. Please use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10. If using IE11, please use Compatibility Mode for this site by clicking on the gear on the upper right of your browser, then Compatibility View settings, then Add, then Close. Below are our rules, and the next page will be our application with only a few questions. Answer every question, incomplete applications will be discarded.

1. Please treat everyone respectfully, regardless of difference in style of play, race, gender, political or religious beliefs, sexual preference, country of origin, server, Alliance, or Guild affiliation. Remember our Virtues of Honor, Respect, Compassion, Humility, and Valor in your actions and words.

2. We request that you type or speak clearly in English, and also be able to clearly understand both spoken and typewritten English. We prefer members to use the voice chat system when in groups if conditions at home permit. Our play style is such that it is easier to communicate via voice than typing, and it is preferred by the guild as a whole. And please...no shortcut typing or cursing.

3. Treasure belongs to you as the finder, it is yours to do with as you wish. If you do not want the loot nor the coin from selling it, the guild will have a treasury in place to aid the brethren within its halls. Donating unwanted items or coin to the guild will greatly be appreciated, but never required.

4. Guild events and meetings will be announced on our website, and are always optional. Real life always takes precedence and no one shall be penalized in any fashion for failure to attend any event. Be welcome amongst us when you can!

5. Anyone who desires to join our guild will undergo one 14-day probationary period either during open beta or during public release. During this trial, a representative of the Elder Council will quest with them in game to become better acquainted with them and ensure that the Guild is a good fit for the member and vice-versa. Members agree to be available for these quests at reasonable times during the probationary period. If either the new member or the Elder Council feels the arrangement is not a good fit during the probationary period, both sides agree to part ways amicably. If a person transfers from another chapter of the guild this rule does not apply; their acceptance is guaranteed by recognition.

6. Any member with an ongoing issue with another person must immediately bring the problem to an Elder Council member. Real life issues with players (such as somebody owing another member money) shall not be brought into the game or website.

7. An honorable guild must maintain honorable play. In this light, any brethren found using exploits or third party auto leveling software, hacking or selling accounts, revealing others passwords, or otherwise breaking the Zenimax Code of Conduct or the Closed Beta NDA if applicable, may be punished or expelled from the guild after a review by the Elder Council. This restriction does not apply to crafting or leveling planners, puzzle trainers, or accidental or involuntary use of software.

8. Any member suspected of violation of the rules may receive instant punishments from any Elder Council member that can vary based upon severity up to a 3-day temporary suspension, until the Elder Council can review the violation. Any punishments may be renewed if the member has not been reasonably available to discuss the event with the Elder Council.